Land Art
wall pieces

photoprint / ink and colourpencils on tracing paper - sketch for land art project - Land Art Rebild 2014 -2016

Bricks&Slates; changing sculpture - 1997
this changing sculpture went on during ten days on a lawn where people used to have their coffe brake on benches nearby. I changed the relations between bricks and slates during the night or earley
morning before anyone else was there. As the constallations on the lawn changed, it captured people's attention more and more, and I noticed how easily people identified the piles of stone with beeings
whose movements reflected human emotions. After the ten days performance the stones went back to their old selves as building materials behind a garden shed.

Silk and oak - Sussex -1996
The wood piece is about 150cm long, cut from oak tree, burned on one side, with a cut and a little blue paint in the top,and polished
underneath. It is hanging in invisible nylon wires from an oak tree. The wood piece is also fixed to the ground with nylon wires, to make it lie
still and give the illusion of it's floating in the air. The blue silk piece is shaped with a metal wire on one side and hanging by invisible nylon wires from the branches above.
The silk piece moves constantly in the wind, and the wood piece, like a steady ship, does not move at all. (photo David Chivers)


Earth on earth/ Mudface; cast of a face ca 80x65cm, in earth on earth. "Mudface" was made by pressing earth into a plaster-mould directly on the gallery floor, where it was a part of a larger installation. It was later moved outside and left on the ground where it
changed by nature over time until it dissapeared completely. Sussex UK - 1998  (photo Ethan Friedman)