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13 Statements About Guns  

I went out to Brick Lane on a sunday afternoon in july 2009 to ask people what they thought about guns. I brought a copy of an AK47 that I had made myself, a blackboard and some chalk and a camera. My friend Chiara came with me. She filmed me when I talked to people who came by. The film was made almost in one shot, - and with no clipping afterwards. It is as close as it can be to a raw documentation of what actually happened on that corner that sunday afternoon in Brick Lane.
I had been working with the idea of a gun for some time. I had made casts in different materials, searching for the essence of the idea. I was interested in finding out where that idea came from, and what it means. I mean the actual human impulse to make such a tool,- not the inventor, the factories, the tecknical function and so on. What I focused on was the ”thing” as some kind of being, as an identification of human body and human will, or as a social symbol and a cultural icon. What do people think when they see a Kalashnikov rifle? That was the simple question I asked. Before the police came and put an end to the event, I had collected 13 Statements written on my blackboard. I like the number. It means something. It means bad luck, from an old symbol of the enemies of our christian culture.13 guests around the table. Judas is with us, - or inclusion of the excluded one.   

Stills from the video 13 Statements about guns (camera Chiara Mu)

13 Kalashnikov Candles, from Gift Gallery - 10 Vyner street, London december 2009

13 Kalashnikov Candles;
Installation in The Crypt,
Chelsea London - 2009
The candle guns are made from paraffin wax, all with candlewick through the whole length. They are mounted on metal holders, standing in sand, on a floor sized 4x3m at the lower end of a crypt.
Each gun piece is 87 cm high. They are all casts from the same mold, after an AK47 rifle.
The bandaged and crucified gun is the same piece that was used earlier in a street performance in Brick Lane.
The Martyr and the Mourner;
Installation, h.2,5m, mixed materials
from The Crypt, Chelsea London - 2009
from the installation Judas is with us in The Crypt, Chelsea London - 2009

Judas is with us is an ongoing project. New statements are still collected from people visiting shows where the Brick Lane video is on display.